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Get started with Orchid on Android for just $1

Get started with Orchid on Android for just $1

May 24, 2021

Android users can now pay for bandwidth on Orchid via in-app purchases, which allow people to buy Orchid accounts filled with XDAI using nothing more than an ordinary credit card. In-app purchases, which have been available on iOS since last year, make it possible to get started with Orchid in seconds.

The Android operating system is utilized by more than 70% of all of the smartphone users in the world, translating to roughly two billion people worldwide. In China and India--the world's two most populous countries--Android users make up more than 70 percent of smartphone owners. And in Indonesia, which has the largest mobile VPN market in the world, Android devices account for more than 90 percent of all smartphones. Android users also exist in large numbers in developing markets around the world, including Latin America and Africa.

"The launch of in-app purchases on Android makes Orchid easily accessible to billions more users around the world, particularly in emerging markets," said Co-founder and CEO Dr. Steven Waterhouse. "This release greatly expands the reach of Orchid's privacy solution and brings access to online privacy to more people than ever before."

Orchid's mission is to make Internet privacy accessible to everyone around the world. That's why the Orchid app is available in nine languages and counting. OXT, Orchid's native digital currency, is available on top global exchanges. Now, the launch of in-app purchases for the world's most popular operating system brings the promise of privacy to billions more people in dozens of countries.

Orchid brings together the services of leading VPN providers in a unique decentralized marketplace powered by OXT. The network's innovative payments architecture, known as probabilistic nanopayments, is designed to ensure there is always ample bandwidth to provide users with reliable service and fast download speeds. The service costs as little as $1. And now, Android users can get started with just a credit card -- making it easier than ever before for people to protect their privacy online.
Download Orchid today to start exploring the Internet freely.

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Mar 25, 2021
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